The DEEC Software-engineering team provides services which include creation of specialized information systems that model and automate business processes in a company.

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DEEC specializes in solving problems related to resources management and control, communication problems, document and task management, etc. Also, DEEC company provides the following services: design, creation, and implementation of systems that fully reflect the needs of our clients and their specific types of business. The software is customized to meet the needs of end users and to model/automate the solutions from the established business practice of a client firm.

The DEEC team creates the so-called SPAs (single-page applications), web client applications, by using the latest HTML+JS frameworks (e.g. AngularJS 1.x, Angular 2.x+, Vue.js, React, JavaScript ES6, and TypeScript). We also create desktop/kiosk applications based on the JavaFx 8 desktop toolkit. We create Android applications by using either the Android Native Development Kit or HTML based frameworks such as Apache Cordova or Ionic.

DEEC provides the back-end infrastructure solutions by using platforms based on the Java ecosystem and Java EE technologies.

DEEC designs, installs, and provides maintenance for storage capacities based on relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as Oracle RDBMS, PostgreSQL, or MySQL. Implementation of Not Only Structured Query Language (NoSQL) when needed.

Our software team has experience in creating information systems for management, control, and announcement purposes within smart cities (smart street lighting) – creation of smart node networks, their monitoring, sensor data analysis, and remote activation. Also, we have experience with management, control, and announcement information systems in the domain of e-banking.

Creation of merchant networks and payment terminals, and financial products definitions. Integration with client devices (POS terminals, ATMs) on one end and remote banking services or processors on the other end.

The DEEC software team has experience in creating management, control, and announcement information systems for interactive kiosks that provide banking services (bill payments, inter account transfers, currency exchanges/conversions, etc.), and the kiosk systems for ticket reservations and purchases. - Oost-europese bedrijvën