The DEEC engineering team designs, manufactures and implements smart home systems in residential or commercial units, but also in small, large, and complex buildings regardless of their designation.  Each system is developed individually depending on clients’ requirements.

Smart home systems 01

DEEC smart home system can control lighting and other equipment (heating) and through all devices using the Internet (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Uniqueness of our system, compared to other smart home systems, is in it’s higher security, possibility to work without external Internet connection, and independence from other external systems without additional expenses (no IoT cloud service fees).

DEEC smart home system works without dedicated Android and/or iPhone devices applications, which makes it widely acceptable. Beside smart devices, the control can be done with any Windows or Linux Internet browser within the home Wi-Fi or LAN network.  Also, access from an external network anywhere in the world is provided.

The modules that we manufacture and implement provide turn on and turn off functions for lighting, heating, water heating, door control, etc.  They also regulate the power of LED, halogen and incandescent lighting systems.  Remote reading of temperature and humidity in spaces is also included in our dedicated production.

DEEC Smart Home systems have the widest application in hotels, multi-purpose halls, business offices, residential units, and buildings, which are considered to be energy-efficient.

All smart solutions that we manufacture comply with global standards, therefore enabling secure functioning and system application.

Because DEEC Smart Home Division has it’s own resources for hardware implementation and provides software solutions directly, the end-user price for an installed unit is lower compared to our competitors. - Oost-europese bedrijvën