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On master projects, DEEC fulfills its jobs using the system of mobilizing internal clusters of different activities.

By our methodical approach and workload planning we reduce expenses of our clients, shorten deadlines for finalization of assignment solutions, and use transparent and straightforward monitoring of the project implementation phase.

The goals of defining and raising the bar in business performance through intern clusters are a sustainable business solution, predefined expenses, optimized number of employees, and gradual integration and networking of different work segments.

DEEC enables work on all business solutions within the IT sector.  The company represents complex software solutions that are simple to use, which positions us among the best providers of dedicated software globally.

Work on dedicated software and autonomous hardware manufacture enables DEEC to produce and maintain smart home systems where all solutions are based on each user individually.

Our company’s Department of Architecture and Design offers different design-related services, ranging from interior branding to architectural projects. With simple design solutions and unique offers we make our clients stand out on the market.

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