DEEC conceptualizes and integrates system solutions in small and medium-size firms, creates and implements dedicated software in accordance with clients’ demands.  We also provide support and participate in occasional engagements based on requests of our individual and corporate clients…



  • Business +

Support for team to connect with textbook publishers and retail distribution centres gathered in clusters.  Help with project management for recycling school materials.  Defining strategies to keep current and attract new buyers.  Designing marketing campaigns and increasing retail revenue.  Building brand awareness and recognition by business and individual users.

Free Business Plus bundle services with unlimited space on our servers.

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  • Business +

The courier company, City Express, established in 2002 in Serbia, has been owned by Austrian Post – The Parcel & Logistics Division since 2007.  City Express owns a strong infrastructure and a fleet of 340 vehicles with different transport capacities for serving 16 centres within the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Dutch East-European Company (DEEC) provides Business+ services package to City Express company – Serbia, including a hosting bundle and data flow suited to fit the business needs of City Express company.  DEEC has ensured the functioning of the basic tools for the business activities of the company, such as the logistics software for shipment tracking by their clients.  Web design, created as per the instructions from the management of City Express, is easily identified and distinguished from the other companies owned by Austrian Post: City Express – Montenegro, 24 VIP Logistics Services – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Overseas Express – Croatia, Trans-O-Flex – Hungary, and Parcel Service – Poland.

DEEC provides City Express company – Serbia services for online business and business support 24/7 along with high availability uptime 99,99%.

  • Business +

Our support concept is focused on providing Business Plus service bundle, along with continuous development for the firm.  We have provided initial cooperation with hotels, hostels, apartments and other venues related to tourism, and we do brand presentations to our partner companies in the same profession.

We lend our resources to the web portal for the purpose of complete production of TV shows and authorial photographs, along with unlimited capacity on cloud servers for video, photo and textual content storage and sharing.

  • Web Build-up

Nordex company provides logistics, customs duty, storage, and transportation services.  In addition to impressive infrastructure, it owns a fleet which transports different kinds of merchandise to various destinations within the Republic of Serbia.  Although focused on the domestic market, they expanded their cooperation with other transportation companies, which resulted in an increase of  vehicles to support various client’s requests.

Basic consultations about marketing exposure of Nordex company toward users and other companies.  Advices about presentation of services and positioning on the market.

Defining the content, and design of web presentation.  Coordination of the web portal objects to suit the business needs of any company.  The web page positioning on the hosting package as per the instructions given by Nordex company.

  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Business Package

Informing about specific manufacturing processes and connecting companies within similar lines of trade.  Subletting web hosting packages according to the needs of AlienMetalworks company and the limited storage space on the cloud server for archiving and exchanging projects between the main company and different manufacturing plants. - Oost-europese bedrijvën