Partner Solutions

We provide the opportunity for our partner companies, clients, and associates, to use our servers as  a means of support to improve business processes.  By using our resources we enable our partners to exchange large amount of information in a short period of time, to reduce their expenses related to business transactions, and to efficiently complete business tasks.

The support includes B2E (Business-to-Employee) activities within the company by using EDI  (Electronic Data Interchange) systems, B2C (Business-to-Consumer) services oriented toward retail transactions between companies and individual consumers, and C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) systems for direct exchange or sale of merchandise between individual consumers.

Hosting Partner

Hosting suited to fit the needs and demands of the business of our users. Storage and presentation of the Internet content – 99.99% uptime, fast web page response. Web store page optimization with large number of items and portals with special content.

Special Hosting packages and software for small and medium size firms, complying to complex business operations and connection of more work units with real time data insight.

Cloud Partner

Lending storage capacities and data synchronization services necessary for fast and reliable business operations of our partners as end users.  Flexible surroundings, which can enlarge or shrink, depending on performance projections of our clients.

To our associates, partners and clients we offer and advertise business solutions based on CLOUD technology along with software solutions and data processing/exchange  in real time.

Company Solutions in Graphic Design

The possibility of synergistic or segmented branding by individual business solutions to small and medium size firms through business space design and furnishings, graphic and web design, and corporate and promotional material.

Commercial space branding in accordance with the activities of a sole proprietorship or small and medium size businesses.

Interior Design and Commercial Space Branding

In addition to company solutions in graphic design, we also offer interior design and commercial space branding for your business office or retail environment.  In order to add value to your overall appearance and recognition of your business identity, we provide a comprehensive design service including interior finishes, furniture (desks, chairs, shelving units/systems, reception desks, etc.), equipment, and POS & POP displays.  The main goal is to reflect your company’s core values and to portray a unique image of your firm, thus interior branding will include company colour scheme, logos, trademarks, corporate kits, and promotional and advertising material, all in accordance with the activities of your business.

Creating the corporate ambiance, complete with decorative accessories and lighting components, to suit your business needs and goals in order to achieve the desired effect on your target audience and to clearly communicate the company’s mission and vision.


Nenad Butaš
Executive Director
Marijan Bradara
Creative Director
Milica Aleksić
Design Director
Branislav Lungulović
Software Engineer
Djordje Miličić
Systems Engineer
Vladimir Jaćimović
IT Consultant | Asian Branch
Dragan Dobožanović
Architectural engineer & Designer
Nataša Kosanović
Legal representative
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