What we do in East European Company

Brand Building

By defining exceptional personal or business brands, we create long-lasting relationships between companies and their clients. “Strong Brand” policy enables recognition on the market, constant company value growth, trustworthiness and loyalty of business partners.

Quality business name and identity stand out among other competitive brands on the market, resulting in recognition of quality and reliability of a company.

Web Build-up

Quality business presentation implies recognizable web design and all-round preparation for unique web identity by producing and implementing corporate videos, photography and textual content. We define best business practice and present it through logical components intended for end users.

We harmonize and standardize web content during the process of creating, applying, updating and archiving its data for further use.

Logistics Connectivity

Well developed concentration of similar activities leads to growth in productivity, timely innovations and access to new information. Connecting unique competitive advantages in clusters empowers you to keep ahead of the competition on the market.

We enable companies or individuals connect in groups and create shared market access solutions while defining common goals and providing assistance in order to gain benefits.

Loyalty Strategy

We create “Customer Loyalty Program” for every corporate or personal brand individually in all aspects of retail or services activities.  By initiating and including users in the “CLP”, profitability and differentiation of your product / services from similar offerings on the market will increase.

Client dedication to your personal / corporate brand creates superior value and unique position for your business on the market.

Web Public Relations

By accessing corporate content publications through the Web and the media we work with, we enable information spread about your current / potential projects, and establish and maintain a connection between your company and your target group.

The goal of the Web public relations is to inform the public, employees, investors, and current / potential clients about the activities of the management and the company we represent.

Project Managing

Methodical approach and process managing for individual or corporate business projects from initiation to closure.  We set goals and time frames for projects and define how to achieve them, while providing quality control of the established goals to ensure the highest standards.

Project management includes project plan, budget allocation, tasks and resources identification, and goals and deadlines for project completion.

Business +

Support for individuals, companies, and small and medium size firms in business solutions, including, but not limited to, dedicated hosting service, web hosting, cloud hosting and other Internet services customized to fit the needs of every client individually.

Creating business identity through graphic design solutions and corporate branding, including website design, corporate kits, promotional and advertising materials.


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