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Dutch East-European Company provides full support for small and medium enterprises(SMEs), which includes news and public relations placement, advertising and media consulting.

DEEC also provides company build-up from scratch, serves as a client company backbone through boot process and establishes sustainable solutions.

Company Support Division

Brand Building

Defining personal or business brand, differentiating company on the market, creating better exposure and access to end users and business partners.

Web Build-up

Synchronizing web platform, defining and transferring objects into relational database tables, matching logical components and standardizing material.

Logistics Connectivity

Connecting companies with similar business activities, easier positioning on the market in order to meet demands by end buyers or corporations.

Loyalty Strategy

Creating and managing business strategies to acquire new clients and partners, while providing benefits to existing customers or corporations. corporations

Web Public Relations

Supporting companies and individuals to establish the communication process, along with publicity enhancement, for their target market audience.

Project Managing

Carefully planning and organizing interim tasks for the purpose of creating a unique product, end user service experience or business concept.


Business portal gradskibiro.rs develops and represents a program for selling and recycling textbooks and school supplies. It centralizes and distributes authorial news about education. It exclusively represents education trade unions in the media and closely cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.


Medium size firm which includes services related to tourism, production and launch of authorial photographs, custom-made videos and TV shows with tourism-oriented content.  Portal triptease.me consolidates global information about tourism and offers attractive reports through an interactive blog.


The company for the manufacture of motorcycle side cases and accessories, made of hard materials (black tin, aluminum, duralumin and stainless steel) to ensure the functionality, reliability, sturdiness, and high resistance to punches and different temperatures. The products have been attested.

Media Support on Demand

Media Support Division

  • NEWS Coverage
  • PLACEMENT & Broadcast (Photo,Video,Print)
  • ADVERTISING & Social Media Consulting

Business +

Support for individuals, companies, and small and medium size firms in business solutions, including, but not limited to, dedicated hosting service, web hosting, cloud hosting and other Internet services customized to fit the needs of every client individually.

Creating business identity through graphic design solutions and corporate branding, including website design, corporate kits, promotional and advertising materials.


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